Our goal is to meet ALL of your payroll needs, allowing you to dispense with manual notes, spreadsheets and calculators. We can implement any rule you might require, no matter how complex.


We developed the EMPulse Series with challenging payroll processes in mind. It streamlines and simplifies all payroll tasks through process automation and accurate and consistent application of even the most complicated pay rules. Our powerful, streamlined and flexible Payroll module also provides you with detailed employee information, benefits functionality, custom employee fields, absence management and time bank tracking- without having to purchase related add-on components.


EMPulse Series Payroll Features:



ORANGE’s EMPulse Series Payroll module also provides a detailed history of all information ever entered and saved, giving you access to vital information for analysis, rehiring and reporting. This, in addition to seamless integration of information and data across modules, makes the EMPulse Series invaluable as Canada’s most comprehensive workforce management solution.

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