What are your challenges?

At ORANGE Digital, we build smart business solutions for your challenges related to payroll, costing and human resources, no matter how complex. Our software gives you the tools and insights you need to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

"We find it complicated to handle payroll for our employees who move between provinces during the course of their work."

EMPulse is a true cross-Canada solution, and allows companies to successfully comply with federal and provincial requirements in regard to taxation, pension, language, reporting and all other payroll matters – even when employees work in multiple provinces during the course of a pay period.

"A tremendous amount of manual work is required to apply our variable pay rates."

Variable pay rates are automated within EMPulse. Users can easily set up and maintain rate tables based on a wide range of multiple criteria, such as seniority, operation, region, store, project and client.

"We find it difficult to exchange payroll information with remote employees."

Employees and supervisors can transmit time and project information via EMPulse’s electronic timesheet utility, after which approved hours are sent directly to payroll. On the other end, employees can request time off and view their earning statements and year-end tax forms on-line using ORANGE’s self-service web portal.

"It’s hard for us to know the true cost of labour in our organization – crucial information for when we bid on jobs."

EMPulse’s Advanced Project Tracking and Costing module is unparalleled in its power to provide you with the actual cost (direct as well as burdens) of labour and to send that detailed information all the way to GL. Costing reports can be generated for any combination of dates, employees, and cost centres.

"The complexities inherent in meeting our unions’ earning, deduction and reporting requirements are beyond the capabilities of our current payroll system."

ORANGE has clients with dozens of unions across Canada – all within the same company, and with employees moving between work regions. We continue to exceed expectations by providing such clients with seamless automation to meet these significant complexities.

"We maintain multiple databases and files to track employee information."

EMPulse provides you with a single source for all employee-related information – payroll transactions, skills, accidents, contact persons, group insurance, attachments, and more.

"Our current solution is proving to be very costly – both in terms of hard costs and human capital."

ORANGE’s EMPulse Series is Canada’s most cost effective payroll solution for the mid-market. With EMPulse, you will have less work, more functionality and open-ended support. Our fixed price proposals enable you to anticipate all your costs up front – and there are never any surprises.

"I can hardly keep track of all the spreadsheets we use just to prepare for payroll."

Our clients no longer need spreadsheets for payroll preparation. All calculations – from pay rates to accruals to benefits management – are handled within EMPulse.

"My provider cannot seem to consistently deliver knowledgeable support from people who are familiar with our specific solution."

Our support team specializes in payroll and nothing else, allowing us to offer exceptional levels of open-ended support to all of our clients. After-sale service is something you’ll never have to worry about.

"I dread the prospect of migrating to a new payroll. Our last conversion was a nightmare."

A typical implementation spans a few weeks, during which you’ll know exactly what to expect. We’ll agree on time lines, resources and tasks. Our deployment methodology is time tested – no surprises, no nightmares.