The EMPulse Series addresses the particular complexities of employment conditions found in educational institutions and keeps track of teachers’ multiple jobs and individual pension details.


EMPulse has all the features of the best conventional payroll software for school administrators and support staff, plus a range of targeted capabilities designed to handle the complex pays often associated with education employment.


Multiple positions, tracking complex leave types, generating teachers’ ROEs and managing full-time equivalency can be handled effortlessly with our EMPulse Education software.


Our Solution for the Educational Sector:


Sophisticated Pension Tracking

Ensure the correct calculation of employee pensions, even for those with multiple positions, by making the calculations at the task level.


Complex Employment Conditions

Designate employees single or multiple contracts, assignments and rates of pay. Contracts can be automatically maintained and renewed en mass or individually, and multiple cost center splits can be placed on employees’ records through payroll.


Detailed Absence Management

Make tracking absences a simple and organized process. List employee absences by number of hours, pay period and type.


Range of Attendance Reports

Generate attendance reports including monthly leave schedule and weekly work schedule.


Detailed Costing Information

Track multiple cost center splits on a single employee record, along with associated burdens, as defined by the institution.


Quebec CARRA Calculations and Reporting

Avoid costly mistakes and access a unique CARRA solution for Quebec independent schools via ORANGE’s sister company, OuiPay Payroll Services. Our solution automates the calculation and reporting of all aspects of CARRA pension adjustments and reports each task separately in accordance with CARRA requirements. Calculate all premiums, generate monthly remitting reports, and validate, prepare and electronically file the CARRA Annual Declaration.

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