The healthcare sector is known for its workforce management complexities. The EMPulse Series was designed to meet all of your payroll and HR-related challenges without the use of spreadsheets, calculators and workarounds.


ORANGE Digital Systems provides the tools and service your healthcare organization needs to streamline and automate complex payroll and human resource management processes.


Our Solution for the Healthcare Industry:


Employee Seniority

Track and apply seniority in years and/or hours worked. Employees can be placed into scales and automatically stepped based on your unique set of rules.


Time Scheduling and Reporting

Manage work and leave schedules and report on absenteeism. The EMPulse Series also handles all types of time banks and accruals and can display balances on earning statements.


Employee Pay Types

Organize and manage every employee pay type, including: on-call, casual and retiree. Handle shift premiums, variable pay rates/salary grades, on-leave, multiple benefit plans and garnishments.


Employee Information

Access single-source tracking of employee information: training courses, skills, licenses, permits, awards, grievances, position profiles, health and safety and more. The Candidate Search tool allows you to quickly assign suitable employees to any position, job or team.

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