Property Management


The EMPulse Series solution for the real estate sector was designed for firms that manage properties and need to pay commission to sales staff, variable wages to construction employees and salary or hourly pay for workers at individual properties.


ORANGE’s EMPulse Series solution for the property management industry is designed to handle any and all particularities of the industry— from a construction sector within the company (including Quebec CCQ), to employee time and commission tracking. You can change business numbers and/or CSST/WCB assignments as needed and automate 100% of your workforce management processes, including the generation of ROEs for real estate agents.


Our Solution for the Property Management Industry:


Electronic Timesheet Entry

Streamline and automate gathering, approving and reporting job-cost payroll data from remote job sites. Approved time then flows seamlessly into the payroll module.


Contract Worker Support

Create non-employee profiles and quickly add them to the system as needed.


Multiple Compensation Types

Calculate employee pay comprising various components (hours, commission, vacation, etc.), paid in a single payment– all properly taxed and explained clearly in a comprehensive, easy-to-read earning statement.


Inter-Company Payments

Enter employee time for one company or division and issue pay against another company or division.


Advanced Job Costing Capabilities

Get the exact cost of labour (direct and indirect) by multiple cost segments – site, job, property, company, task, etc. The software easily processes multiple pay codes and pay rates per employee and can quickly allocate various payroll-related costs back to individual properties.


Detailed Reporting

Instantly generate a wide range of reports. Costing reports show direct costs and burdens and can be based on any time period, project or employee.


External GL Integration

Link with the GL module of your financial or budgeting system for post-pay reporting.


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