Project Costing


EMPulse Series Advanced Project Tracking and Costing supports you through the full project management life cycle with a single, accurate view of all job-related activities. This powerful module supports your company’s projects by automatically turning multi-level project time sheets into employee payments, billing requests and General Ledger transactions in even the most demanding project environments.


You’ll know exactly where you stand with every project by tracking labour costs to unprecedented levels of accuracy. You’ll also be able to stay on top of actual costs against budgets and identify cost overruns before they become problems. Burden percentage estimates will become unnecessary, since burdens are automatically pro-rated and then allocated to multiple General Ledger accounts.


The module enables you to generate and analyze costs for any job, project, operation, employee group or individual. You can then choose the right projects, assign the right resources, proactively streamline execution, and monitor profitability via accurate billing, forecasting and budgeting.


EMPulse Series Advanced Project Tracking and Costing module features:


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