ORANGE Digital Systems knows that managing trucking payroll can be anything but simple. Trucking has evolved into a highly-regulated industry in Canada, and calculating truckers’ payroll has become particularly complex. The EMPulse Series has all the features of the best conventional payroll software, plus a full range of trucking-specific capabilities designed to make managing driver, owner-operator and employee pay easier than ever.


ORANGE’s first trucking payroll system was installed twenty years ago with one of the oldest transport companies in Canada. The system quickly proved its ability to comply with all of the complexities of deduction and reporting requirements of the industry (compensation according to mileage, type of truck, combination driven, load, etc.).


Industry-specific reports produced by EMPulse are invaluable to transportation clients, including those operating in Quebec, where the complicated Driver’s Pension and monthly Labour Standards (Normes du Travail) reports are required.


Our Solution for the Transport Industry:


Full HR Functionality

Track training, assets, licenses & permits, skills, etc.


Time Collection and Approval Utility

Capture and approve time, even from remote employees.


Automatic Rate Resolution

Convert time and miles into dollars and cents.


Compliance and Reporting

Post-pay compliance with costing and reporting (by trip, km, client, tax, jurisdiction, province, etc.) and GL distribution.


Owner-Operator Utilities

Features to allow seamless management of owner-operator payments and reporting.


Electronic Payments and Earning Statement Delivery

Payments can be made via cheque or direct deposit to multiple bank accounts and payroll debit cards. Print or email earning statements or enable employees to access current and historical earning statements and year-end tax forms via ORANGE’s self-serve web portal.

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