Managing labour costs on construction projects can be a daunting task without the right tools. That’s why ORANGE Digital Systems designed a special payroll solution for industrial and commercial construction companies, general contractors and specialist construction firms, including those operating in Quebec and subject to the CCQ.


EMPulse makes construction payroll processing easy by automatically calculating all hourly rates, taxes, union dues, workers’ compensations, earnings, premiums, benefits, deductions and expenses. Employees enter their hours at the job site or at home with our time entry self-service module, and EMPulse does the rest. Employee timesheets are automatically transformed into payments and costing information, which can be seamlessly integrated into your construction accounting system to help you monitor and control labour costs.


For the Quebec construction industry, EMPulse includes built-in CCQ parameters and automatically calculates CCQ, RBQ, CSST contributions and pension adjustments (facteur d’équivalence). Monthly multi-sector CCQ reports are generated with a click of a button.


Our Solution for the Construction Industry:


Powerful and Accurate Payroll Calculation

Automatically calculate wages, union dues, earnings, premiums, benefits, deductions and expenses based on pre-defined rules of any complexity.


Automated Variable Pay Rates

Easily set up rate tables to automatically apply the correct pay rate according to employment factors such as: trade code, seniority, worker’s comp, union, region or equipment used.


Advanced Project Tracking

Track employee time at any level of detail such as: project, site, phase, client, activity, resource, sector or any other user defined attribute.


Multi-Level Project Accounting

Accurately determine project burdens with a detailed breakdown of all overhead expenses and job costs with automatic distribution of direct and indirect project costs to your general ledger.


Seamless Interfaces

Automatically send payroll information, including billings, job costs and general ledgers to external construction accounting modules.


Robust Reporting Engine

Generate reports based on time and dollar distribution by project, employee, team, site, sector or any other user defined cost component, including union reports, up-to-date work-in-progress and actual vs. budget reporting.

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