Time Management


Whether you use EMPulse’s Time Entry & Approval Utility, a Time & Attendance (punch clock) solution, a Point of Sale system or even a spreadsheet to record time, there is a seamless transfer of employee hours into the EMPulse Series payroll and costing modules.


EMPulse Series Time Entry & Approval gives employees, supervisors and data entry clerks a quick and easy way to enter, collect and approve time by providing them with instant online access to timesheets and reimbursement requests.


This versatile tool lets you collect more than just hours by defining as many time banks and accruals as needed, and by empowering employees to manage their own accrual balances. You decide who has access and who has control.


On the project costing side, you can define any number of job codes, cost centers or other project related parameters that tell you not only how much employees worked, but also what they did – down to a granular level of detail. This timesheet information translates directly into labour allocations that flow straight into the EMPulse payroll and project costing modules, and can then be reported further into your General Ledger.


With just a few clicks, your timesheet data is automatically turned into payments, project reports, and general ledger or billing transactions.


EMPulse Series Time Entry & Approval features:


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