With ORANGE Digital Systems, you get a commitment that extends far beyond the products we deliver. You get experts who listen to your needs and provide knowledgeable advice on how to leverage your software investment. You get ingenious solutions that stretch the limits of what you thought was possible. You get outstanding training to have you up and running in a matter of days. Above all, you get unlimited best-in-class customer support.


Situational analysis

Our first step is always a needs analysis: we ask all of the pertinent questions to learn everything we need to know about your processes, bottlenecks and wish lists. We listen first, then we discuss it all in the context of the EMPulse Series.


You get to know us, we get to learn about your expectations.


When we’ve found the right fit for you to move forward with us, you’ll do so with the confidence that we have gone over every complexity and have identified a solution for each. And that the proposal we’ve submitted accounts for it all.


Deployment process

ORANGE Digital Systems’ time-tested and rapid deployment process, coupled with comprehensive training and unlimited ongoing support, protects your investment and ensures its long-term success.


The process begins with a deployment plan- an integral part of our collaborative approach to delivering solutions that work for you from the “go-live” date. This plan lays out target dates and resources (yours and ours) responsible for each task, presented for your approval. We value the collaborative nature of our approach, so you can rest assured that there will be no surprises that pop up while you and your staff learn your way around the software.


Ours is a methodology we’ve developed and fine-tuned over the years – one that combines our unparalleled software, expert implementation specialists and responsiveness to you, our clients.




Proper training is key to the effective use of the EMPulse Series. As part of our deployment process, we include a course syllabus which will reflect the configuration of your new solution, along with the number and types of EMPulse users to be trained.


Many of our clients opt for on-site tutorials and instruction, but training sessions can also take place at our offices or even remotely. Regardless of venue, you can be sure that our structured but informal classes will give your staff the knowledge and confidence to effectively and efficiently navigate our software.


In addition to our classes, topic-specific video tutorials as well as comprehensive user manuals are always available. These supplemental resources provide new and seasoned users with quick and practical how-to information on a variety of subjects.




Your employees expect to get paid accurately and on time. That’s why we deliver responsive, powerful solutions and ensure that your staff knows how to use them.


Our involvement doesn’t end there. We provide our clients with unlimited open-ended support. You have a question? A problem? We’re here to help – in a knowledgeable and timely manner.


You can also count on us for seamless and accurate tax updates – federal and provincial – on time, every time!