Case Study – International Child Care (ICC)

ICC Story

ICC_logoInternational Child Care is a Christian health development organization operating in four countries: Canada, Dominican Republic, Haiti and USA. In Haiti since 1967, ICC-Haiti’s goal has been to change the conditions of poverty that impact health and well-being by linking community-based health promotion and illness prevention initiatives with hospital and clinic-based care.


In May 2012, in need of a workforce management solution, International Child Care Haiti reached out to ORANGE Digital Systems. Wesley Romulus, National Director of ICC in Haiti, was immediately impressed by the EMPulse Series and its suitability for the needs of the organization. “We limited our search to products available in French, but that criterion still left us with a wide range of options. It was the people at ORANGE that really drew us in. Even before we saw the software, I felt we’d come to the right company. I could sense a true interest and empathy in helping our organization.”


ICC’s workforce tracking challenges were enormous within the poverty and earthquake-stricken nation. With its staff at nearly 500 in number, the organization’s goal was to move away from a paper-based file system to one that could electronically access and track personal information easily, accurately and securely. With timesheets submitted for absentee management, ICC directors quickly realized that value of EMPulse’s attendance reports.


It was EMPulse’s HR features that were most appealing for ICC’s core requirements: CV attachments, salary tracking, skills and licenses, schooling and disciplinary actions, and employment agreement and position profile management.


ICC’s EMPulse Series evolved through the deployment process, taking on a local look and feel. Phone and Identity Numbers reflected the Haitian format. The ORANGE implementation team populated employee profiles with a wide range of information, all provided by the HR department in Port-au-Prince. Work began in June, and—much to ICC’s delight— was completed by the end of July. By the first week of August, on-site deployment and training was underway.

Says Wesley Romulus, “With the frequent disruptions in communications and Internet that occur here in Haiti, it was obvious to us that an on-site implementation was a must. ORANGE sent a two-member team to Port-au-Prince. One person was in charge of training, the other handled technical issues. They explained to us that this was the first time they included a technical resource, but felt that in our context it was important. What an excellent decision that proved to be! We were able to solve so many issues – network, communication, backup procedures – this assistance went way beyond our use of EMPulse, and in fact, impacted the way we work across the board.”